Your ministry is where your feet are

God has called us all to the same job, “make disciples” 

Whether our mission is in a hut in africa or a brick home in the suburbs.  We are ALL missionaries.  I am not trying to make excuses for us to NOT go to forign lands as the need is MUCH greater there but merely making a point for many of us who never considered ourselves to such a high calling. 


I think many of us say “one day I will make a difference” but what will we do “in the mean time?” 

I feel so inadequate because I am NOT serving in a foreign land, then God reminds me my ministry is where my feet are. 

Right here, today where you are, is your mission field.

I meet people everyday having marital problems, young people looking for love in all the wrong places, and people searching for meaning in weath and status. 

I can make a difference if I am willing to consider myself a missionary…right where I am.

 Where are your feet ministering today?

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