$100 million dollar power of influence

“What the heck is comfort colors brand and why does everyone want them all of a sudden?” This was my honest question to my boss in the T-shirt industry just a few years ago. I was a marketing major and worked in advertising my whole grown-up life. When something almost unheard of is all of a sudden flying off the shelves, especially when it’s not even new…I take notice.
At the time Comfort Colors was a 30-year-old company, popular in beach shops along the coast with a net worth in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars. They were doing well for themselves but no could have predicted sales explosion that happened next.

No one knows where or why, but somewhere in the US, sorority girls decided they liked comfort colors brand T-shirts. It started organically with a few Instagram pictures, word of mouth, and even a few blog posts about the new found favorite tee. The chapters caught on as a whole and started ordering in bulk for all their events (and you know sorority girls love their T-shirts) chapter after chapter the word spread about the obsession with these tees.

Meanwhile, Comfort Colors didn’t know what the heck had happened. All they knew is they had to start hustling to keep up with demand. Working in this industry I started getting emails every week notifying us of stock shortages as factories started working overtime to create more tees!

In 2015 the T shirty giant Gildan bought the comfort colors brand for (I hope your sitting down for this)


This is 10 times their previous net worth.  Not because they had a celebrity endorsement, not because of an ad campaign, but because of these beautiful world changing girls decided they liked them.

I watched the same thing happen with black-rimmed glasses, the messy bun, yoga pants and whatever the fascination is with the pineapple. What was once considered nerdy, sloppy, or irrelevant turns into a multi-million-dollar business when sorority girls decide it’s cool.

This 100 million dollar power of influence led me to think, “What if sorority girls decided a purse made by an artisan in a third world village was the next big thing?” It could totally flip the entire economic model of the village and end poverty for thousands.

What if these girls realize how influential they are in the dating world and stop making excuses for a guy who doesn’t know how to hold her heart?   Most importantly what if these women realized their incredible power and worth as daughters of the King.  All I’m saying is it could change the world.

This picture is when I had the pleasure in early to meet some folks from comfort colors corporate earlier this year. They all agree…Sorority Girls Can Change the world.

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