17 Things I love

I am a typical goal setting, competitive type A who always wants to do 17 things at once.  But that usually just makes me busy, not better.

I don’t want to miss this one shot at life.  My 90 yr old grandmother once told me the precious words that forever ring in my ears, “people miss so much when they are in a hurry”

It’s a process that I have not mastered but I am starting to list 3 things each night before I go to bed that I am thankful for.  Day by day I am learning how much I have to appreciate.  I am learning to take it slower, smell the roses longer and just enjoy the simple stuff…like….

1) The smell of rain

2) The way a 7 year old with 4 missing teeth says “sea shells”

3) The way Bryan enjoys stories about our girls as much as I do.

4) My amazing singing voice when I am alone in the car and the radio is turned up REALLY loud (amazing is a relative term in this sentence).

5) How a tiny seed can grow into a great big plant, just because God said so.

6) This adorable key necklace made by my friend Susie Miller that reminds me to pray for my sisters trapped in modern day slavery.


7) 80’s music

8) Chai Tea Lattes

9) My friend Faith Williams who unapologetically chases Jesus with all of her adorable 20-year-old self. Writes with wisdom of someone twice her age at her beautiful blog  and manages the sorority girls can change the world insta account. Because she is also really good at PR.


10) Anyting written by Mark Batterson.  I have read this one in particular 3 times

11) Less clothes in my closet and more donations to people who don’t have as much

12) A Bible with notes and highlights all over the pages

13) Friends who invite me in even when their house isn’t perfect

14) These two amazing women who are speaking to college women about our great big God at Georgia Southern University!

Jordan Lee (soul Scripts) And Stephanie May Wilson (lipstick gospel)  If you are not already following them.  Please click on their names and fix that ASAP.

Stephanie Mae Wilson and Katie Bulmer

15) Friends that get me. You know the ones. You don’t have to explain anything because they totally get you. I love them.

16) Fake eye lashes.  OMG I know I’m a total diva but I’m obsessed and I don’t care what you think

17) Cuddles with Bryan on the couch watching “this is us” on NBC

What are you loving this time of year?

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