Are you who you are looking for…is looking for

My hubby was unlike any other guy I had ever dated.  Before we were really like “an item” only friends. We were working together on a project at church and had to run to the grocery store.   We were standing together at the check out line and he grabbed a cosmopolitan magazine (which, as usual paraded a beautiful nearly nude woman with every other article featuring something about  sex).

You can imagine I am a little nervous at first as he grabs the magazine, but he did something strange…something I had never seen done before….as quickly as he grabbed it, he turned the magazine backwards and then set it back on the stand. Then looked back at me as if it was a totally normal thing and proceeded to continue our conversation.

Dumfounded and confused I said, “why did you do that….that thing with the magazine?”
Casually with a shrug he replied, “Oh to protect my eyes.  I just don’t want fake images in my mind to compare my wife to one day”



He had me at “protect my eyes”

As I found out more about this  totally weird…in a really good way… guy I also realized he had protective programs on his computer from unwanted internet distastefulness.  He even asked himself questions like, “would I be comfortable bringing everything I watched, listened to or read to church with me on Sunday?”

Who was this guy and where had he been all my life?

Eager to tell my friends about this new guy. I specifically remember having the conversation with one of my dear friends “Amanda” (we’ll call her).  She was beautiful.  Likely one of my most beautiful friends.  She was popular smart and had no problem getting boyfriends.  But, like most of my sorority friends, she liked to party, hook up with guys, and place Jesus in a convenient little box, careful not to let Him get in the way of her having fun.

She seemed spellbound but also totally in love with the idea that there were guys out there like this.  She decided she is worthy of a guy who would protect his eyes for her.   With determination she told me, “I’m gonna marry a guy like that.”

I don’t know why I was so surprised to hear her say that, in-fact most my friends who heard about this guy “protecting his eyes for his future spouse” all had their hearts flutter like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert at the very idea that this type of guy existed.

I didn’t know what to say to Amanda in that moment of her genuine desire to have all these things in her Mr. Right yet hope to find him while not spending any time BECOMING Mrs. Right.

No matter how beautiful or talented she is, guys that are pursuing Jesus are looking for a lady that is traveling in the same direction.  The type of guy that is protecting his eyes and his body and whole heartedly pursuing Christ, is not looking for the girls at the bar with tons of sexual experiences under her belt.

It’s like Amanda was headed east and herChristianristian man was headed west and she somehow thought they would meet up in the same place and live happily every after with sunshine and rainbows.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier. I was the EXACT same way just a few months before we had this very conversation.  I had recently become a Christian and Jesus had just pulled a total 180 on my life.  I too dreamed of marrying a kind man who would love me just as as Christ loved the church.  I dreamed of him protecting me and him being the spiritual leader of our family…. one day.


I realize now how hypocritical I was in wanting my dream guy to protect his body, protect his mind, pursue christ, and not having any debt and being devilishly handsome would be a nice bonus.  All the while I assumed I could do as I pleased and expect dream-Jesus-loving-guy to pursue me?

How did this ever make sense to me? And how does this still make sense in the mind of singles everyday?

In Andy Stanley’s love sex and dating series ,and book, he poses a simple yet profound question he asks singles to ask themselves before perusing any relationship:

Are you the person you are looking for, is looking for?
link to his video sermon on this question (’s awesome)

The pursuit of a romance to make all your dreams come true is not only impossible but totally unfair to put that burden on another sinful human being.  Jesus is the only one that can truly fulfill you.

Now before you tell me there are no more Christian “fish” left in the sea and nobody else does this.  I think what you really mean is no one  you KNOW does this.

Cars that pass each other going opposite directions on the highway rarely make eye contact.  If you are headed east on the highway you don’t truly know what’s happening on the route in the opposite direction.  But if you decide to be brave and commit to not just believing in Jesus but FOLLOWING him you will find a whole new undiscovered path of people also chasing the Lord.

In essence, you should chase as hard as you can after Christ, then look to the left and the right and see who is running on the path with you.

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Sorority girls can change the world paperbackComfort Colors brand T-shirts was about to celebrate its 30th birthday as a company.  At the time they were popular in beach shops and worth about $10 million dollars as a corporation.   Everyone was happy, but this was not the end of their story…

No one knows where or why, but somewhere in the U.S.  sorority girls decided they liked comfort colors brand T-shirts.  Sorority girls started ordering them for all their socials and sporting cute Instagram pictures wearing the tees.   Chapter after chapter the word spread about the obsession with their new favorite tees.

Meanwhile, Comfort Colors were scrambling to keep up with the new demand.  Working in this industry I got emails every week notifying us of stock shortages as factories started working overtime to create more tees!  The crazy thing is the sudden peak in demand was not due to any extra marketing or promotion from the company.  Can you imagine waking up to business that grew 10 times over without running a single new ad?  This is an entrepreneur’s dream!

With the rise in demand not quitting anytime soon, Comfort Colors sold to Gildan last year for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.


I have seen the same thing happen with black rimmed glasses, the messy bun, yoga pants and whatever the fascination is with the pineapple. What was once considered nerdy, sloppy, or irrelevant turns into a multi-million-dollar business when sorority girls decide it’s cool.

This 100 million dollar power of influence led me to think, “what if sorority girls decided a purse made by an artisan in a third world village was the next big thing?” It could totally flip the entire economic model of the village and end poverty for thousands.  Yes this $100 million dollar power of influence can CHANGE THE WORLD.

While the buying power of sorority girls is astonishing, I am most passionate about their power of influence in the dating world.
Chpater 3 , “sex and greek row” goes into this in great detail and mentioned throughout the book.

I have met women in every sorority, and I have yet to hear a girl say they want their dream guy to pretend to love them, say all the right things, use their body, and then never call them again. Yet, I have had coffee with entirely too many girls as they sip their latte in tears and share their confusion over a guy who seemed to really like them, but after sex won’t even talk to them in class the next week.

Ladies, look in the mirror. Not only are you the most striking women on your campus, you can turn an ordinary Tshirt into a $100 million dollar company.  Why in the world are the most amazing women in the world settling for anything less?!

I wish I could say I don’t get it but unfortunately, I do.  I was that girl who lowered my standards and became whoever my boyfriend at the time wanted me to be. But when the makeup came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever never called again, I started to wonder if there was more to life than cute shoes and jello shots.

15 years of marketing research, finding my true love in Christ, and finding a husband that loves me like Jesus, I can truly say to young women everywhere, “Sweet friend, you are worth so much more, stop settling, and let’s get busy changing the world.”

Here is the link so you can get a copy sent right to your door!

Sorority girls can change the world e-book (free) (2017)

sorority girls can change the world ebook

I’d love to send you a free copy of my book!

Former sorority girl Katie Bulmer was certain she had found all life had to offer with the cutest boyfriend, the best friends, and a solo cup of hunch punch in hand. But when the makeup came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever never called again, she started to wonder if there was more to life than cute shoes and jello shots.

Jesus turned her life upside down her senior year in college, and she has been busy changing the world ever since.

As a marketing major Kaite began her professional career in radio, moving to print, television, and promotional advertising.  All these years of marketing research lead her to notice the trending phenomenon that were born on greek row.  When sorority girls decided something is cool, there is no stopping it.
The $100 million dollar power of influence, as she calls it not only has the potential to change trends, philanthropy and friends, but the dating culture as well.
Why are the most incredible women the world has ever seen settling for any less when it comes to dating? Kaite has coffee with girls on a weekly basis as tears fall into their latte over a guy who used their body and never called again.  This simply shouldn’t be! Katie can relate as she walked in the same heartbroken and hungover shoes, but today she sees the view on greek row much differently.

Grab a copy of this easy read, a coffee, and learn how you too can change the world

What I learned about Jesus from a chicken

We have chickens, yes we are chicken people.

We converted an old playhouse to a coop and we receive about five eggs a day from our fluffy, feathered females. Our pets/breakfast makers have actually taught me a lot about Jesus… let me explain.

Jesus spoke in parables often. It was His way of making confusing things more simple. He keeps things on a third-grade level for us, and this is yet another reason why I am such a big fan of His.

One of the parables Jesus used most often (35 times to be exact) refers to you and me as sheep. It made sense to the 1st century Christians because many of them owned, or at least worked with
sheep. Fast forward to today.  Including myself, I know approximately zero people who own sheep.

I do, however, have chickens and in a lot of ways, I think the two are very similar. They both travel in flocks for safety, they both find trouble without a guide, and they both have an insatiable curiosity for what is on the other side of the fence.


Our birds live at the equivalent of a chicken Ritz Carlton. They have an abundance of food, water, chicken friends, extracurricular activities, and ample free range space in our yard. Despite their chicken paradise, these less than brilliant animals always think we are holding out on them.

About a year ago, our favorite chicken, Lucy, (I am told we should have named her Teriyaki) learned how to get to the top of the neighbors eight-foot private fence. She would fly to the top, see the neighbor’s dog, get scared, and then come back down to safety. Despite our best efforts to keep her down and safe, she always found a way to perch on the top of the fence. Early one morning, either her curiosity got the best of her, she thought she could handle the dog, or perhaps she didn’t think at all. Regardless, she flew to the other side of the fence and became a puppy play toy until her death.

Lucy saw the threat of the dog and knew she was safe in our yard, yet she still thought she “knew better” and wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence.

If you think I’m about to compare chickens to you and me, you are correct.what chickens taught me about jesus

“When He saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”- Matthew 9:36

Jesus gives us everything we need in Him. He came to bring us life and bring it to the fullest (John 10:10). Yet, we often think we can find our own better, more fulfilling life “on the other side of the fence.” We see the threat of temptation, but we think we know better and can overcome on our own “chicken strength.”

Maybe Jesus really is a good shepherd. Maybe we really don’t have everything in this life figured out like we think we do. Maybe the one who made every cell in our body knows what is best for us and simply wants to protect us from the “dogs on the other side of the fence.”

I am prone to wander.  I am prone to question God is good.  I am not proud of it but I have even questioned if my shepherd really knows better than me?
I am just like a sheep and a chicken. I become convinced that my inadequately microscopic view on my life is all there is to see.

Lord, thank you for being a good shepherd. Thank you for protecting me even when I think I know better and thank you for bringing me back to the safety of your flock when I wander astray.

Thank you for being a good good, father.

Sorority girls can change the world available on Amazon


It’s all Jesus’ fault.

I never wanted to be the one to put myself out there, speak up on controversial topics, or share all the God awful things I never got caught doing in college. Yet here is the thing…this is where the good stuff happens. In our mess, in our brokenness, that is where a big God does his magic. He takes a former oh so typical sorority girl and turns her into someone who can write a book… what the actual heck is that about?!

I have never been more sure that I am right where God wants me to be. Speaking, blogging, and writing to the most amazing women on the planet, telling them they’re the change the world needs to see. This is why I say, it’s all Jesus’s fault really.

So here I am guys, terrified, yet absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this amazing ride. Here is what’s going on with my new book,”Sorority Girls Can Change the World”

sorority girls can change the world

Photo credit, Ashlyn Cathy

On January 27 th , I was able to interview with the amazing Athena Dean Holtz from Always Faithful radio out of Seattle, Washington. It aired live in the Seattle area and is available for download on iTunes.

I was able to share “Sorority Girls Can Change the World” with executive officers of Alpha Delta Pi in Atlanta Ga.

I met the Comfort Colors’ corporate team at a trade show in Orlando Florida, where I got to hear first hand that sorority girls are indeed what took them to a $100-million- dollar company almost overnight (sneak peek of chapter 2)

I was able to do an interview on the Life is a Marathon podcast.

And the most exciting news yet….

Because of your incredible support by sharing and liking the book, it is officially available in print on Amazon!

sorority girls can change the world on amazon

You amazing ladies, who share it with your sorority, are making this possible. Thank you for all you do!!

Stay in touch to see where God leads next! Instagram: @sororitygirlscanchangetheworld




To my single sisters on valentines day

I know it’s cute for Christian girls to pretend like Jesus is your Valentine.  That’s precious and everything but I know deep down a dozen roses and Ryan Gosling telling you you’re beautiful wouldn’t be bad either.

Your heart is made to be romanced. You crave for the hero rush in and tell you you’re worth fighting for.  This is a beautiful thing and part of the way you are created.  Don’t be ashamed of it.  Be proud of your feminity. Woman was literally formed from man.  We were made to compliment each other.  It’s ok to want this in life….but don’t rush it.

Remember being single is just a season of life.  Right now most of the country is covered in snow.  Your toes are frozen and you have forgotten what it’s like to lay by the pool.  But before you know it you will be cranking up the A/C longing for a cold day in the snow.

This is the same with singleness.  It is a season of life.  You can wish it away or you can make the most of it.
According to my calculations on an earlier post, there is a   .0016 chance that you won’t get married.  Chances are in your favor you WILL find your prince charming.  But until then why not enjoy the season of being responsible for you and you only?

When you meet the man of your dreams there are some areas you hope he has figured out that you won’t have to work through together.  And your dream man is hoping the same about you.  Why not take this season of singleness to take the following 3 areas of life and sharpen yourself.  Here are the areas you will look back and appreciate most:

Get out of debt

No one wants to say, “hey babe, guess what, I have thousands of dollars in bills that come with me!” When you get married that becomes BOTH of your debt.  Do both of yourselves a favor and work on that now.  Rachel Cruz has some excellent resources for college students to get out of debt.

Protect your body and your heart

If you have read any of my other blogs you know I am most passionate about this subject.  I have never met someone my age who wishes they would have dated more guys or slept around more.  Nothing good comes from sharing your body with multiple people. You were made to become ONE with ONE.  When you step outside of those bounds, the scars follow you into marriage.  There is no erase button to the decisions you make today.  Sex is the concrete to a relationship.  Concrete is not made to be moved, ever.  Save your heart and body for your husband, you will both thank me later.

Pray for your future husband

You may not know anything about him right now but if he is breathing, he needs prayer.  Wouldn’t you hope he is doing the same for you?
I hear the pusback, “but this is too hard, I can’t, I won’t, I’m scared.”
Yet don’t you hope your future man is debt free, not sleeping around, and praying for you as well?
Enjoy this season of singleness.  Don’t rush the seasons, bask in it, enjoy it and give thanks for this time to become the future wife God made you to be.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview with top 100 Christian Blogger Athena Dean Holtz, host of Always Faithful Radio.  Join us as we chat about how Sorority girls can Change the World!

The interview can be found through your podcast ap or online at link below.

radio pic

Appearance:Always Faithful Radio Inverview
Outlet:Always Faithful Radio
Location:Seattle, WA

17 Things I love

I am a typical goal setting, competitive type A who always wants to do 17 things at once.  But that usually just makes me busy, not better.

I don’t want to miss this one shot at life.  My 90 yr old grandmother once told me the precious words that forever ring in my ears, “people miss so much when they are in a hurry”

It’s a process that I have not mastered but I am starting to list 3 things each night before I go to bed that I am thankful for.  Day by day I am learning how much I have to appreciate.  I am learning to take it slower, smell the roses longer and just enjoy the simple stuff…like….

1) The smell of rain

2) The way a 7 year old with 4 missing teeth says “sea shells”

3) The way Bryan enjoys stories about our girls as much as I do.

4) My amazing singing voice when I am alone in the car and the radio is turned up REALLY loud (amazing is a relative term in this sentence).

5) How a tiny seed can grow into a great big plant, just because God said so.

6) This adorable key necklace made by my friend Susie Miller that reminds me to pray for my sisters trapped in modern day slavery.


7) 80’s music

8) Chai Tea Lattes

9) My friend Faith Williams who unapologetically chases Jesus with all of her adorable 20-year-old self. Writes with wisdom of someone twice her age at her beautiful blog  and manages the sorority girls can change the world insta account. Because she is also really good at PR.


10) Anyting written by Mark Batterson.  I have read this one in particular 3 times

11) Less clothes in my closet and more donations to people who don’t have as much

12) A Bible with notes and highlights all over the pages

13) Friends who invite me in even when their house isn’t perfect

14) These two amazing women who are speaking to college women about our great big God at Georgia Southern University!

Jordan Lee (soul Scripts) And Stephanie May Wilson (lipstick gospel)  If you are not already following them.  Please click on their names and fix that ASAP.

Stephanie Mae Wilson and Katie Bulmer

15) Friends that get me. You know the ones. You don’t have to explain anything because they totally get you. I love them.

16) Fake eye lashes.  OMG I know I’m a total diva but I’m obsessed and I don’t care what you think

17) Cuddles with Bryan on the couch watching “this is us” on NBC

What are you loving this time of year?

Losing my jewels

When I turned 7  years old my grandmother decided to give me a sapphire (my birthstone) ring.  I am not sure how or why but somehow this was decided upon as a good idea.

I currently have an 7-year old who, until recently wanted to be a mermaid when she grows up.  I can’t imagine trusting her with such an expensive piece of jewelry.  But never-the-less, when I was 7 my grandmother thought I could handle the responsibility of taking care of this expensive gift.

You can imagine my 7-year-old-self receiving a piece of jewelry that sparkled and glittered and made me look like a princess.  I CHERISHED IT!

My mother who was certainly grateful but I’m sure slightly terrified that her 7 year old has been trusted with this the ring sat me down to make sure I understood this responsibility and to also give me a rule in how to care for it.  

I was given only one rule.  The rule was to make SURE the ring was kept in the safe place.  My ring had two safe spots, it stayed on my finger most the time but when I went swimming or took a shower, it stayed in my jewelry box, on the second shelf, where it was safe.   Those places were determined my “ring’s safe place.” And didn’t need to be anywhere else, EVER.

A few years went by and the magnitude of what I have been trusted with faded and I became careless with my gift. 

One day we went to the beach. Right before I ran to the ocean I looked down at my hand and realized my ring was still on my finger.  I had this inner turmoil in my mind, my mom said the safe places were my finger and my jewelry box.  My jewelry box is back home in Atlanta and I’m afraid if I leave it on I will loose it in the ocean…also I heard somewhere sparkly things attract sharks?  Either way I’m not going in the ocean with my ring. 

I didn’t tell my mom but I told myself JUST THIS ONCE, I’ll take it out of the safe place.  I put my ring in the pocket of my mother’s cover up hanging on the back of the beach chair.

You know where this is going….

Later that day I was searching everywhere.  Tears falling on the sand as I searched every inch surrounding the beach chair desperate to find what I lost.

 I was careless ONE time.  I thought I knew better, I thought I could do as I wanted and have no consequences. My gift was lost.


Photo credit Ashly Cathy 

God has given us each a gift,  A RARE, precious, expensive I would even say sacred jewel, and that is our body.

 Our body, made to be shared with a life partner is given to us as a gift.  We don’t realize how rare, expensive and precious our gift is.  And sometimes we think we can take our bodies “just this once” out of the safe place it will be fine and there will be no consequences.

God gave us ONE rule regarding our sexuality.  Keep it in its safe place. Just like a fire, in a fire place it is beautiful and helpful.  In the middle of my living room, a fire is destructive and leaves scars. 

‘Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.’ 1 Corinthians 6:18

Do we think God gave us this command because He is mean and doesn’t want us to have any fun?  Or maybe it’s because He genuinely knows what a precious jewel you have been trusted with and he knows the consequences when it is taken out of the safe place.

 You were designed to become one with one.  Your body is treasured, cherished and unique.  Sex is a gift to be shared in the safe, trusting and mutual respect of the covenant bond of marriage.

You are worth immensely more than what our culture has taught you.  You are a jewel my friend.