Why I believe sorority girls can change the world

Once upon a time I was a sorority girl.  At the time I was totally convinced I had found the abundant life at the best fraternity party, with the hottest date, the finest outfit, and a deliciously strong cup of hunch punch in my hand. But when the make up came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever would never call again, I started to realize this life wasn’t so abundant after all.

sorority girls can change the world

Later, I truly found the abundant life through a simple carpenter named Jesus (my full testimony here).  But I found him just after I had graduated.  Now my heart is to tell these incredible young women about the abundant life and why, I believe, they truly have the power to change the world.

I work for a company that sells T shirts.  We see first hand as the trends come and go. In this industry alone I am constantly astounded at the extraordinary influence sorority girls have over trends.

It was not so long ago girls would ask for the smallest size they could squeeze into.  Now, even the skinny girls ask for an XL because somewhere along the way sorority girls decided over-sized shirts were cool, and thus goes the trend.

 Then the girls got these over-sized shirts and put their sorority letters across the shoulders on the back.  They exploded in popularity faster than a chubby kid running after the ice cream truck.  The trend spilled over out of greek row (as many of their trends do)  Now even cheer moms are sporting the fad.


Comfort color T shirts was a brand that used to only be popular in tourist shops near the beach.  Then sorority girls decided they liked them.  I saw first hand the comfort colors brand scrambling with all they had to meet the sudden demand for their shirts.  Now, I get an email on a weekly basis notifying me of stock shortages.  Comfort Colors literally can’t keep their tees on the shelves!

Sorority girls have brought new life back to Birkenstocks, black rimmed glasses, yoga pants and even taking pictures with a pineapple.  No seriously it’s a thing. Sorority girls thought it was cute idea and now the high school girls are doing it too.  It’s all over pinterest and no one even asks why. Sorority girls decided it was cool and therefore it was.  FullSizeRender (1)

They don’t realize it but they are leaders in their generation simply because of their power of influence.  They have no idea they are trend setters.  But I’ve seen it time and time again, people look to them to what is trending what is popular and the age old question, “what is cool?”

It got me thinking, what if this extraordinary power of influence was used for something more significant?  What if they used this incredible leadership potential to show the world something amazing….even more amazing that taking pictures with pineapples (I know right!)

  • What if philanthropy was a bigger deal?

Yes I know greek life supports philanthropy and does some amazing things BUT…
(I hope you’re sitting down for this)
Philanthropy was more important than socials???!! Or better yet, what if philanthropy was the social?

What if 150 girls partnered with a fraternity (which is what they often do at socials).  And brought that man (and woman) power to habitat for humanity or any other local organization changing the community.  What if all 300 guys and girls saved the $5 they would normally spend on just 1 drink and donated it to said organization.  That’s $1,500!  That could go a long way for a non-profit.

They could even do something as simple as going to the darkest part of the city and paint over graffiti. pick up trash, and love on some kids.  No appointment needed. I’ve done it before and the response is overwhelmingly positive from the community.

PARTNERING with a local non-profit where the MAJORITY of the sorority is invested and getting their hands dirty for a cause they believed in could

Fair trade ensures safer working conditions and fair wages from everything to the farmers growing the cotton to the women sewing the fabric.  With the amount of T shirts sorority girls buy they could flip apparel industry on its head!  Their power could force competitive companies to pay attention and shape up the treatment of their workers and practices!

Empowered Women

  • The final most important power of influence I see in sorority girls is choosing who they date.

I met a young man the other day at church.  Handsome fraternity boy who had recently come to Christ.  He stopped me and said, “Hey my friends told me about you, You’re the lady talking to the sororities about how they can change the world.”

My heart leaped that the word is getting out about this movement so I gave him my quick elevator speech about T shirts and socials then I mentioned how they date. With all the passion I could muster I gave him my quick soap box on dating “What if sorority girls demanded the guys they date be gentleman, protect their bodies and hearts for both of their future spouses and lead her spiritually instead of physically?”

He smiled and said,  “You are right about that.  Supply and demand, guys would certainly shape up!”

If all the beautiful women of the world demanded better.  Guys would shape up!

Imagine a world where the women decided their hearts were worth romancing.  Realizing they were daughters of the one true King making them royalty and to be treated as such.  Imagine a world where the women decided their bodies were worth saving for their spouse.  They want to experience this cherished, fragile and sacred gift of sex believing it is more than fun and games to be enjoyed with anyone we choose.

From the Good Man project, author Dave Booda says it this way:

Ladies, if you really want men to step up and become the real men you talk about, you must demand it. I’m not saying ask for it, I’m not saying hope for it, I’m saying demand it.  What does that mean? It means you don’t settle for anything less. It means if you aren’t satisfied, you walk away. Men will rise up and meet your challenge, I promise, it’s what we do best. We love challenges. We love it when women make us step up and work.

Men are hard wired to work, we just have to expect no less of them!

If you’re afraid this will leave you alone.  First of all look in the mirror…you’re gorgeous.  Second look at your birthday, your still a baby.  And third look at your heavenly father.  Don’t you think the desires of your heart are fully known?  Don’t you think your good and loving father wants better for you than a guy who pushes your limits physically and makes you worry if he is true to only you?

Oh ye of little faith.  He’s got this.  I promise.

In closing remember this:

  • Your dollars matter.  As a large group, you make large purchases.  You can EASILY set an impact with your dollars.  Take a look at what your supporting, from the entertainment to the T shirts.  What could you change with your spending power?
  • What would your campus and community miss if your sorority didn’t exist?  Who would miss you more the bars or the local charities?
  • What message are you telling guys by the standards you set.  Are you worth more than what you are accepting?  If you want to learn more about becoming the type of girl a Christian guy is seeking.  Read this.

I know it’s hard to see past the boys and the parties but all that is there are hangovers and heartbreak.  The abundant life is SO MUCH BIGGER and longer lasting than the temporary trappings of this world.

To seek the abundant life:

  • Seek out a community that is seeking Jesus (lots of great campus Christian organizations)
  • Reading the whole bible can sound overwhelming but start in Matthew to read about the life of Christ.
  • Pray, “Father I have searched for the abundant life on my own and came up empty, can you show me your way?”

I love your comments.  How are you seeking the abundant life in college?

Crazy enough to change the world

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