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Are you headed on a mission trip, raising money for your philanthropy, or helping a great cause?  I want to help you change the world too!

We practice what we preach here and if we can help you change the world then we will make it happen! On this page I have cut the profits, taken the time to sign each book, and I’m paying for shipping too!
When you promote an order from this page, your friends get to read about their world-changing potential AND you get more money for your cause.  WIN WIN!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide the promo code you want to use (ex: Hillary’s mission trip or UGA phi mu philanthropy)
  2. Direct your family and friends to this link:
  4. Collect your check!

It’s really that easy.  You chases your dreams, we will help you get there

The details

  1. Average profit is $5.50 per book sold.  If you sell 10 books that is $55!
  2. If you can distribute the books yourself (we ship in bulk to just one location) you make $8 per book! I realize you can do this math but that would be $80 for 10 books sold!
  3. Please contact with:
  • your name
  • fundraiser and event end date
  • if you want your books shipped in bulk or individually
  • shipping address if we ship in bulk

All books and checks we be mailed at the end of the campaign.

I’m so excited to watch you change the world sweet friend! Thank you for taking me along on this adventure!


Fundraiser price is $14.99

 Fundraiser Code:

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