Sorority girls can change the world e-book (free) (2017)

sorority girls can change the world ebook

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Former sorority girl Katie Bulmer was certain she had found all life had to offer with the cutest boyfriend, the best friends, and a solo cup of hunch punch in hand. But when the makeup came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever never called again, she started to wonder if there was more to life than cute shoes and jello shots.

Jesus turned her life upside down her senior year in college, and she has been busy changing the world ever since.

As a marketing major Kaite began her professional career in radio, moving to print, television, and promotional advertising.  All these years of marketing research lead her to notice the trending phenomenon that were born on greek row.  When sorority girls decided something is cool, there is no stopping it.
The $100 million dollar power of influence, as she calls it not only has the potential to change trends, philanthropy and friends, but the dating culture as well.
Why are the most incredible women the world has ever seen settling for any less when it comes to dating? Kaite has coffee with girls on a weekly basis as tears fall into their latte over a guy who used their body and never called again.  This simply shouldn’t be! Katie can relate as she walked in the same heartbroken and hungover shoes, but today she sees the view on greek row much differently.

Grab a copy of this easy read, a coffee, and learn how you too can change the world

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