Boring Husband

If I got what I thought I wanted in a husband when I was 19 I would probably be divorced, my kids would be elementary school dropouts and it’s probable I would even be homeless at this point.

I guess I got this glamours idea of “let’s just have fun together” from the movies. As it turns out, no one would make a movie about my real life and marriage because…well it’s boring.  Movies are made when they fight and break up and then Jerry Maguire says “you complete me.” Or Allie almost marries someone else and then Noah tells her, “This still isn’t over” in the pouring rain. Or they meet on a ship, have a short-lived romance, then Leonardo DiCaprio ends up frozen at the bottom of the ocean.

Our life looks nothing like the movies. Our life is boring in all the best ways. Let me tell you why:

My motto has always been to have fun always, if not always. In my teens, I thought being a Christian meant having fun was against the law. So to meet a man who was seeking Jesus above all things AND made me laugh totally took me off guard. He dated me with respect and boundaries. He puts our family ahead of himself and I can count on him far more than any guy I thought I was in love with before we met.  Here are some examples:

Our actual life:
He goes to work every day, even when he doesn’t want to.
What I thought I wanted:
Do what makes you happy.

Our actual life:
He comes straight home and eats dinner with us at the table.
What I thought I wanted:
Happy Hour every day, all day

Our actual life:
At night he helps the girls with spelling words and reads them a bedtime story.
What I thought I wanted:
Still at the bar. What is a bedtime?

Our actual life:
We budget for what we need and save up for major purchases
What I thought I wanted:
Budget sounds like a cuss word…let’s just spend, have fun and think about the consequences later.

Friends, look for a boring husband. 

He has never been my savior but he has always pointed me to Christ, even at the hardest times in our life. He has never completed me but always complimented me.  We have had 13 years and counting of fun…and never have a questioned his faithfulness because he gives me no reason to.

I don’t want to question where my husband is, if he will go to work tomorrow or where he goes after work. If boring is wrong I don’t want to be right.


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