Culture says sex is like scotch tape but what if it’s really more like cement?

Our Culture says sex is like Scotch tape, but what if it’s really more like cement? We say we can  stick ourselves to relationship after relationship, when it doesn’t work out.  No worries we can just remove ourselves from that relationship and go on to the next one.  But what i present here is maybe sex is a little more like concrete.
After sexual relationships end we are left with scars.  Cement is not easy to move and always leaves us with a mess to clean up after the wreckage of separating the two.
Maybe the God who made our bodies, our minds, our hearts and gave us the gift of sex.  MAYBE just maybe, He knows better for us than the movies and cosmopolitain magazine.  Just maybe.
Sex is made to be shared with one man and one woman.  Bonding them for life.  Cement is so complicated to up root.  Everyone knows the scars are deeper than just removing a little tape.  Let’s stop pretending it’s all fun and games and start realizing you don’t use cement unless you want something to stick together.  FOREVER.

I was shy about sharing this little video but apparently people are liking it. It got a few thousand views on Imperfect People’s facebook page so I got up the courage to share it here.I hope you enjoy!

Sex is like cement


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