Define your everyone

As I write this it is in the middle of hurricane Irma. Rain drops are thrusting against the windows, leaves are tumbling through the air and limbs have littered the yard all around. We have a pantry stocked with food and cell phones fully charged in the event of power outages or road blocks in the morning. The mayor has declared a state of emergency and all the kids in the county have the day off school tomorrow. The news has covered Irma non-stop for weeks. The hurricane chatter is all over my social media and it’s what every phone call, text and conversation is about. Right now, in my eyes, EVERYONE is in this hurricane.

But it turns out the majority of the US is enjoying a gloriously sunny day! Less than .012 of one percent of the world is even affected by this storm. Not to diminish the magnitude of IRMAGEDEON (as we are calling it in the southeast) because it is no doubt a big deal, but I have to take a step back and remember, it’s not affecting EVERYONE.

Do you ever get caught up in “EVERYONE is doing it?” EVERYONE feels, believes, or acts a certain way.

Perhaps our view of everyone is a little limited.

EVERYONE is simply the people around us. I used to think EVERYONE partied, drank too much, and slept with their boyfriend. But my view of everyone was just who was around me.

When God turned my life upside down I started meeting friends who were totally weird (in a good way) the couples didn’t sleep together, the girls didn’t dress suggestively and the guys held each other accountable to be men who honored women and disciples of Christ. The crazy part is they also had FUN. Like real stay up late, laugh till you hurt, play pranks, love big, and give-even-bigger-type of REAL FUN.

I had no idea this type of human even existed. But I also feel right now the entire world is experiencing a hurricane, so ya know, my perspective can be a little off.

My point is this, carefully ask yourself who you allow to influence you. Who is your everyone? That includes what you watch, who you follow on social media and your actual friends. Do all of these voices tell you your true worth as a child of God or do they make you feel less than? Do these voices cause you to make questionable decisions or do they challenge you to live out your faith?

“Want to know what you will be like in 5 years? Take the average of the 3 people you hang out with the most”

Everyone is not really EVERYONE.  It’s simply those around you.

But the good news is, unlike this hurricane, we have complete control over those we allow to speak into our lives, those we hang out with and those we scroll through on our little computers in our pockets.

The picture in this post is of a friend group I truly admire. I have watched as they have chased Jesus together and sharpen each other.  They tell each other “I love you too much to let you make this mistake” and they celebrate each other’s victories instead of harboring jealously. This is iron sharpening iron, this is a friendship that calls each other to a higher standard, and this is a really good definition of EVERYONE.

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