I see a warrior

If you feel under-qualified and overwhelmed then God has you right where he wants you.

To all my inadequate, undervalued and heavy hearted friends this is for you:
You are so much more than what we see on the surface.  You are the only one of your kind made with care and precision. Psalm 139:13-16 You are a precious jewel, more rare than fine gold Isaiah 13:12, so expensive and so rare, one would go to great lengths to find you and protect you.

The glorious Trinity has made you to be born at THIS TIME, to be RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE TODAY.  All equipped with your unique gifts, talents, your specific smile, hands and feet.  None of this was accident.Ephesians 2:8-10

Your purpose is ETERNAL.  Your value is everlasting.

Now ask yourself, ‘Who do I belong to?’ The Bible says you belong to God. He exchanged His own Son for you!  The Cross proves your value. Jesus didn’t die for junk. You are incredibly valuable. Nobody has ever paid a greater price than God paid for you.


I’m reading about Gideon in Judges  Funny side note I used to call Gildan T shirts Gideon.  But anywho.  I love this Gideon fella.  I think we can all relate to him on some level.  He feels under-qualified, doubtful, and just not good enough. Ever been there?

From Judges 6, Gideon is feeling like a total loser and wants to pull the cover over his head and never leave his tent again.  He is young, inexperienced, and just not the guy we would pick to lead any army to any type of victory.

But the part that totally blows my hair back is God sees the picture completely differently.
Paraphrase from Judges 6:13:

 “God is with you, O mighty warrior!” 

 Gideon replied, “With me?

God looks at this runt of the litter with his weak and outnumbered army and says, “Gideon you are a MIGHTY WARRIOR”

Gideon looks over his shoulder thinking there is no way he is talking to him.  “Mighty warrior where?”

God sees in us what we don’t see in ourselves.  God saw in Gideon a mighty warrior.  And when the story ends (spoiler alert) Gideon defeats an army of about 120,000 with an army of only 300.  That’s 400 to 1 odds.  If you were placing a bet you are NOT placing it on Gideon in this fight.
Yet the under-qualified and unexpected Gideon seals the victory…because God saw in him a MIGHTY WARRIOR.

Dear reader, come close. Let me tell you; YOU ARE A WARRIOR.   You are stronger than you think you are; prepared, capable, and victorious on the fight for your heart.  2 Corinthians 12:10

If you are under the age of 30 let me tell you specifically what I see in you.  I see a generation tired of making the same mistakes countless people have made before them.  They want to stand for something more than the temporary and empty promises of hangovers and heartbreak.  They are hungry to be world changers.  They are lying down selfish desires and leaning on each other as they collaborate on battle plans to conquer the social injustices of this world.

I see beautiful friendships being formed in the barracks preparing for battle.  When the temptations come and the enemy tries to overcome, they put on their armor (Ephesians 6) and fight like a graceful and skilled ninja soldiers leaving nothing but ashes remaining from the enemies attempts to pull them down. BOOM

When the battle looks like 400 to 1 odds,   you feel undeserving and out of place look in the mirror and see a Warrior instead.  That is what God sees!

The WORLD needs you to put your armor on. Be fierce, be brave and BE A WARRIOR!


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