One brave girl

At Georgia Southern University there is a revival happening on Greek Row.  Men and women in sororities and fraternities are rising up tired of the stereotypes and wanting to stand for something bigger than themselves.  They have tasted the hangovers and heartbreak and find, quite frankly, it is not all it’s cracked up to be.

At the beginning of the year the sororities gathered together for a prayer night.  Shut down the road and prayed over each house, each other and for the God of the universe to rule the row.

What struck me was the 3 times they had people come to the alter to pray.  The music was playing, the sun was set, the stars were rising and hearts were stirring.  And then….one brave girl would come to kneel in pray.  I can imagine inside her she is thinking, what will people think, maybe I can just pray where I am.  Do I really need to step forward?? But she does.

brave girl

A few seconds that feel like a few hours later her friend comes to pray beside her.

the flood gates open up and the alter is full of people praying.

This exact same series of event happened each of the 3 times there was call for people to pray at the alter.

One brave girl, then one brave friend…and then a movement starts.  EVERY TIME

I was so inspired by what I had seen happen hundreds of times before but never fully grasped until that moment.  All it takes is one brave soul.

During the prayer walk our group prayed this over each house;

“May ONE BRAVE girl rise up in each sorority and One Brave guy in each fraternity, though they may be scared, though they may not have all the answers or know what this will look like, may they be brave enough to take a stand for Jesus and look different than their peers.  May that one brave and scared leader immediately have a friend to follow and encourage each other that normal is overrated and leaders never settle for status quo.”


When one brave girl decides to have fun in a different way than puking up tequila all night.  When one brave girl says no to going home with a guy because nothing good will come of it.  When one brave girl decides she is worth more than the way she is being treated by a guy.

When a brave girl looks different than her peers.  Guys take notice, other girls take notice, and changes start to happen.


joshua-be-strong-and-courageousI have seen numerous interviews done with people in hospice care.  Those young and old facing their final days are asked what they would do differently.  You would think it would be to spend more time with family, work less, etc.  And while those regrets do make the top 5 the NUMBER ONE regret of they dying as concluded by several different surveys is this:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. I wish I could have been BRAVE. 

In your 20’s you will make some of the key decisions to shape the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  NOW is the time to be brave.  NOW is the time to be bold.

Look around you…
Everyone is just waiting for someone else to be brave.
Are you willing to be one brave girl?

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