Sorority girls can change the world

Comfort Colors brand T-shirts was about to celebrate its 30th birthday as a company.  At the time they were popular in beach shops and worth about $10 million dollars as a corporation.   Everyone was happy, but this was not the end of their story…

No one knows where or why, but somewhere in the US, sorority girls decided they liked comfort colors brand T-shirts.  Sorority girls started ordering them for all their socials and sporting cute Instagram pictures wearing the tees.   Chapter after chapter the word spread about the obsession with these tees.

Meanwhile, Comfort Colors were scrambling to keep up with the new demand.  Working in this industry I got emails every week notifying us of stock shortages as factories started working overtime to create more tees!  The crazy thing is the sudden peak in demand was not due to any extra marketing or promotion from the company.  Can you imagine waking up one day to 10 times more orders than the day before without running a single new ad?  This is an entrepreneur’s dream!

Comfort Colors sold to Gildan last year for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  This is 10 times their previous net worth…all because of sorority girls.

I have seen the same thing happen with black rimmed glasses, the messy bun, yoga pants and whatever the fascination is with the pineapple. What was once considered nerdy, sloppy, or irrelevant turns into a multi-million-dollar business when sorority girls decide it’s cool.

This 100 million dollar power of influence led me to think, “what if sorority girls decided a purse made by an artisan in a third world village was the next big thing?” It could totally flip the entire economic model of the village and end poverty for thousands.  Yes this 100 million dollar power of influence can CHANGE THE WORLD.

While the buying power of sorority girls is astonishing, I am most passionate about their power of influence in the dating world.
Chpater 3 , “sex and greek row” goes into this in great detail.

I have met women in every sorority and I have yet to hear a girl say they want their dream guy to pretend to love them, say all the right things, use their body, and then never call them again. Yet, I have had coffee with entirely too many girls as they sip their latte in tears and share their confusion over a guy who seemed to really like them, but after sex won’t even talk to them in class the next week.

Ladies, look in the mirror. Not only are you the most striking women on your campus, you can turn an ordinary Tshirt into a $100 million dollar company.  Why in the world are the most amazing women in the world settling for anything less?!

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I wish I could say I don’t get it but unfortunately, I do.  I was that girl who lowered my standards and became whoever my boyfriend at the time wanted me to be.

15 years of marketing research, finding my true love in Christ, and finding a husband that loves me like Jesus, I can truly say to young women everywhere, “Sweet friend, you are worth so much more, stop settling, and let’s get busy changing the world.”

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