To the little girl in all women

I was deep into kitchen experimentation mode when our 6-year-old little girl danced into the kitchen.  She (like always) was wearing a princess dress.  She floated around dreaming of being at a ball or a royal castle.

As she danced by the fridge she saw a snapshot of Bryan and I on our wedding day.  She stopped for a moment and then started day dreaming of being a bride.  She told me all about her beautiful dress and the glorious day it would be.

She danced a little more while singing to the princess music coming from her room.  After twirling about a little more she stopped her dance.  She demanded my attention for her next statement. With all the confidence and poise a 6-year-old can muster she declared, “I will marry someone that loves God…I will marry daddy.” Then proceeded to the ball taking place with her sister in the living room.twirl

I stopped measuring and stirring for a minute to smile as my heart was captivated by her words.  Should I tell her, that daddy is my man so back off?  Just kidding.  I love it that she thinks this way.

Every woman was once this little girl.  Day dreaming of being a princess who falls in love with the ONE “perfect” man.  She dreams of being adored and cared for and adoring him right back.

The desires of our heart are for romance, to be treasured, and to be part of something great.  Modern women pretend we are too “strong” and independent to have these desires.  Yet romance novels and movies still fly off the shelves.  These are the desires of the heart of a woman and they are put in us by the amazing God whose image we bear, there is nothing to be ashamed of. We do long for completion in a “soul mate” and our heart to be romanced.  I just think sometimes we get it confused…

Somewhere between the dreams of our youth and becoming an adult, something precious has been lost.  Somewhere along the way girls start to forget they are a princess.  When and why is this taken from our girls? When does it become ok for a little princess to lower her standards to a man that is doing anything less than chasing Jesus.  When did we lie and tell ourselves he was “good enough” to date a princess if he doesn’t protect your body for your future husband?

I think we trade the creator for the created.  We forget our first love, our true romancer and the only one that can complete us is the hopeless romantic named Jesus so we look for love in the arms of a man.
Boyfriends can be so tempting can’t they?  What with their good looks, cologne, and sweet nothings they whisper in your ear.  And not to put down the guys because I hope most the ones you date are legit, and truly falling for you (I mean how can they not let’s be honest).
For 22 years I looked for a guy to complete me.  I kept thinking if only I were prettier if only he was less of a jerk (that was mostly my sophmore year).  Maybe if I date a frat guy, maybe if I don’t date a frat guy….then I’ll find my happily ever after.

It wasn’t until I finally figured out none of that worked did my heart truly become whole.  God broke me, transformed me, and gave me a new heart my senior year of college. I had been transformed.  I wasn’t longing for a boy to complete me anymore, I was complete.  Of course, I still wanted to get married but I didn’t NEED a man.  I was whole.

Then God blessed me with the most amazing man I ever dated.  He was seeking the Lord, honoring me as we dated and pursued me in the most romantic ways you can imagine.   A year before I met Bryan we probably wouldn’t have never worked.  I was still convinced a guy was the only thing I needed to be whole.  How crazy to put such a burden on a sinful human to be my “everytthing”
In all my relationships, a guy couldn’t complete me, and I couldn’t complete him.

But when we met we were two complete and whole people, seeking the Lord together. It worked. 12 years later, we care for each other, fight for each other, and hold each other up when we are down but still Jesus is still the only one that can make us whole and it still works.

You are still His 6 year old in a princess dress day dreaming of meeting your prince.  He delights in the way you smile, the funny things you do and your determination do  it “all by yourself.”

Jesus has come to win you back to himself…All of you. God is in the business of setting his precious daughters free from the trappings, temporary pleasures, and many down right lies of this world.  Have you asked Jesus to come to win your heart over?


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