What if Mary said no?

What if Mary had said no? Have you ever considered this?

Mary was just a teenage girl.  She had goals, dreams, and was in the middle of planning a wedding. Just a regular girl, with regular dreams of starting a normal family. But God comes in and asks her to put all that to the side, He has other plans.

If she agrees to carry this baby she is facing possible execution, her fiancé leaving her and becoming the centerpiece to the town’s gossip.
In the unlikely event that anyone believes her, she would also be totally valid to think:
What about me and my plans?
I am about to get married for crying out loud. I don’t want to have to alter the wedding dress!
I like being a regular girl, everyone is going to ask me tons of questions!
I really am too busy for all this right now!
What will everyone think?
God, can you find someone else?

Can you imagine this in today culture?  What with all our “plans and schedules”  I’m afraid we would just be too busy for such a task!


But instead of any of these excuses she says:

 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be with me just as you say.” Luke 1:38

I think Mary “got” something that we often just don’t comprehend.

It wasn’t about her.

She had the amazing privilege to be the mother of Jesus because she was willing to be “the Lord’s servant.”

This is HUGE

And her self-sacrificing doesn’t end there.  Imagine you agree to carry God’s baby and it comes time for you to deliver. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking maybe an angel comes and offers a big palace for me to deliver totally pain-free childbirth complete with people fanning me would also be nice. I mean this is the son of God after all, and I sacrificed my plans for all this so….yes a palace fit for this new King, (with central heating and air and a lifetime supply of dark chocolate with sea salt) would be appropriate.

But as we know, Mary has to make a long journey on a donkey (not an Escalade) only to find there is NO ROOM for them at the inn and she has no choice but to deliver Jesus in a cold, poop filled manger.

You would think Mary would be shouting,
“UMM HELLO HAVING GOD’S SON HERE??? Can someone ELSE sleep in the manger for crying out loud?!!”
Yet Mary knew something so powerful it could shake our entire culture. 


Every piece of her story, her pain, and even her frustration was all part of the beautiful story that we still remember today and will remember for generations to come, not because of her, but because of Jesus.

But what if Mary said no?  She would have been free to do live her own “important” life not to be “inconvenienced.” Yet her own plans and agenda would have died with her generations ago and we would never even know her name.  

His name is the only one that will last through the generations and he is asking us to play a supporting role!

Playing a supporting role to the only main character that was or will ever be is our greatest opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

Ironic that if Mary said no it would be because she felt her life was “too important” yet she laid her plans down and now we still know her name today.

Why is it so hard for us to realize this? Mary was truly the Lord’s servant.  She put her own plans, fears, and excuses to the side. None of that matters anyway when the God of the universe has other plans.

Father my own little Kingdom is just laughable really.  Take my oh so important “plans” and use them for YOUR glory.
May I be like Mary, listening to that still small voice and answering with, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be as you say”

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