What yoga has taught me about life

When I started attending Yoga classes I was simply interested in a way to get stronger and more flexible. What I wasn’t expecting was a whole new way of looking at… well everything.

Even as a kid I was a mile away from touching my toes in gym class.  I never made the cheerleading team because I could never dream of doing a backbend.  So when I first came to a yoga class I thought the teacher should be charged with attempted murder.  It was so hard, and I hurt for days afterwards.  Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt.  My husband said I whined so much he thought he was raising 3 little girls.

After I could get out of bed without my muscles screaming I looked at the gym calendar and decided to give the class another try.  The class was still insanely hard and I was convinced some of the poses she suggested were only possible for circus employees.


I was not naturally good at any of it.  None of it came easy.  It hurt and I fell the first 100 times I tried every pose.


After a few months, I could go to classes more often.  I started to be able to balance better, my muscles started to show that they existed and I know miracles can happen because eventually, I could touch my toes without bending my knees.

Fast forward a few years and now I teach classes.  I know right!!?? When the offer first came up I thought, “But I can’t even…well I used to not be able to….wow I guess I can do everything the teachers can do”  I never, ever, thought I would be able to one day teach, but again…


Do you see a theme here?

One step at a time, one class at a time and one day at a time, this is how we conquer anything hard.

Most recently I started an adventure of writing a book.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I am learning a lot of things the hard way but I am persistent and I will just keep showing up to a date with my keyboard praying God will be made strong in my weakness.

In Yoga they say  “when you want to come out of the pose that is when the pose begins”
Translation:  When you are tired want to give up that is when the magic happens.

No one just gradually falls into “better” it takes WORK. 

If you are feeling a million miles from where you want to be,  a simple lesson I learned on my yoga mat is JUST KEEP TRYING.  You never know how close you are to the good stuff.


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