Can I just be honest for a second?  I don’t have it all together.  And I never have.

I was the college girl that looked for happiness and completion in boys and booze.

The better part of my teens and twenties I was totally convinced I had found the abundant life at the best fraternity party, with the hottest date, the finest outfit, and a deliciously strong cup of hunch punch in my hand. I was popular, I had friends and boyfriends….I WAS INCOMPLETE.
When the make-up came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever would never call again, I started to realize this life wasn’t so abundant after all.

Then I heard the story of the woman at the well from John 4 The woman was desperate to feel loved.  She kept searching for love in a husband.  Failed relationship after failed relationship left her feeling empty.  Jesus met her there. In all her brokenness in her shame.  She pretended like she had it all together but Jesus knew, as he knew about me,  We were crumbling on the inside.

He told the woman at the well (Katie paraphrase) “You are filling your cup over and over, and while it stays full for a moment, your cup has a leak a the bottom. You keep trying to find your happily ever after in a guy but that won’t last.  I offer eternal water so you will never thirst again”

I didn’t know what eternal water was or how to get it but I WANTED SOME OF THAT! I was so tired of jumping through hoops trying to be the right girl for all the wrong guys.  I laid down my search for happily ever after in guys and starting chasing Jesus with my everything.  My full testimony here

After falling head over heals with this man name Jesus, about a year later, He gave me someone that would give me a glimpse of how much my heavenly father loves me by sending me my husband Bryan.

We are not perfect and our life is not full of sunshine and rainbows but as we stand hand in hand chasing Jesus together, the rest of life is really just details.

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