Katie Bulmer speaking
Having an event? Need a speaker to motivate your
sorority to meet their full potential?
I’m your girl.

Alpha Delta Pi Alumna Katie Bulmer has 15 years of marketing experience. Her marketing brain couldn’t help notice time and time again, when sorority girls like something, there is no stopping that multi-million dollar train.

Yet very few 18-22 yr olds have any idea of their world-changing potential.

In the writing and publication of her book, Katie had interviews with NYC insider trade publications, and comfort colors corporate team, and countless industries who all agree…SORORITY GIRLS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Unfortunately, she also had entirely too many coffee dates with girls who are crying into their cappuccino wondering why her heart is broken. Girls who can change the world are settling for less. THIS SIMPLY SHOULDN’T BE!!

What if these girls realize how influential they are in the dating world and stop making excuses for a guy who doesn’t know how to hold her heart? What if these girls channeled their influence and used their trendsetting potential to make something important a multi-million dollar trend? What if there were social that served your city? What if sisters fought for each other, stood up for each other and never let each other settle for status quo?

Katie is saying is it could CHANGE THE WORLD.


Whether it’s sorority unity, getting back to the roots of why you were founded, group morale, service to the community or lord have mercy healthy habits in dating. She can cover it all!

A note from Katie:

I pride myself on being very easy to work with. I do all I can to make a world-changing event as affordable and effective as possible for your school.Here are the topics I generally speak on to get your mind going

+ How sorority girls can change the world.  The incredible trend-setting power of sorority women I see from my marketing experience, and encouragement to use this to literally change the world.

+The power of sisters and the beautiful dreams of the founding members of each sorority

+ What it looks like to be brave

+ Love, Sex and Dating the way God intended

*I am a faith-based speaker, yet I can cater my talk based on the requirements from your university.

Here is what the audience is saying:

“You truly helped me realize I really can change the world”   -Student at University of Tennesee at Chattanooga 

“Katie’s message inspired me to go forward with a health campaign I’ve had in my head for a while. After she spoke to my chapter, her motivational words, and book changed my outlook.  Because of her I now have a charity in progress!”  -Student at Georgia Southern University

“A lot of the issues that Bulmer addresses, I have faced in my life. I have faced the struggle of constantly chasing after boys but getting nowhere. I have struggled with toxic people and losing my identity and who I truly. I believe that Katie’s message is just the pep-talk that every college girl needs to hear.”  -Student at Virgina Commonwealth University